About Us

Our Journey

Founder Will Wheeler, as a neurodistinct individual, encountered frustration while pursuing adult education due to a lack of understanding and support. His journey in VET education since 2009 revealed an industry desire to assist neurodistinct students, yet a notable deficiency in comprehension and knowledge for effective support.
Recognizing this gap, Will Wheeler, alongside co-founder Pratik Bhumkar, established Neurodiversity Academy, a social enterprise technology company. The primary objective of this academy is to enhance learning organizations' understanding of neurodiversity, bridging the gap between them and neurodistinct individuals. The aim is to create a supportive and inclusive learning environment for neurodistinct students, fostering an atmosphere where they can comfortably pursue their career aspirations
Neurodiversity Academy, under the guidance of Will and Pratik, seeks to revolutionize the educational landscape, ensuring that neurodistinct individuals not only receive proper support but also find an environment that nurtures their unique strengths and talents. Through their advocacy and technological solutions, the academy endeavors to empower neurodistinct students to thrive in their educational journeys and achieve their professional dreams.

Core Values

Supporting individuals to feel comfortable and confident in their identity
Encouraging respect for everyone and the diverse ideas they wish to share
Everyone should feel safe in the environment they are and the people they interact with.
Innovation and standing out while supporting the Neurodiversity community
Everything we do should be all about having fun and working together as a team.
We embody leadership in all we do, while actively fostering tomorrow's leaders

Our Vision

To set the standard around Neurodiversity in higher education and the working environment and to allow Neurodivergent people to feel safe and supported while developing in their careers.

Our Mission

To connect Neurodivergent people with the right education and jobs, where they know they will be supported, understood and given the opportunity to progress in their careers.

Meet Our Founders

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Will Wheeler
Founder and Director
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Pratik Bhumkar
Head of IT
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